How To Shine As A First-Time Manager

A job as a first time manager can be daunting and more often than not it comes with very little or zero training. You have to learn on the job as you go along. There are many obstacles to success for first-time managers and here is how to overcome them.  1. Drunk With Power There is a... Read more

6 Sneaky Ways To Exercise At Work

Will the real slim shady please stand up! No we're not about to start rapping along to Eminem, we're telling you how important it is to stand up and move around regularly each day. The vast majority of employees today have an incredibly sedentary lifestyle, sitting at a desk all day,... Read more

4 Reasons To Keep Moving During The Day

Everybody is familiar with those days at work when you're in the 'zone' and ploughing through your to-do list without moving from your desk for hours at a time. I can think of a few guilty parties here at Adzuna HQ who would benefit from this advice. Research has shown that remaining... Read more

5 Strange, Difficult Interview Questions And How To Ace Them

This week at Adzuna HQ we picked the brains of some of our CEO friends to find out their favorite question to ask in an interview and what it reveals about the candidate. Job interviews are rarely a pleasurable experience, but armed with a little insight into what the hiring manager is... Read more

Why Should We Hire You? The ULTIMATE interview question.

What is the ultimate aim of a job interview? You are trying to convince your interviewer that you're the man for the job, that they would be crazy not to hire you. It is a tough point to convey at the best of times, let alone when they come right out and ask: “Why should we hire you?”... Read more

Can You Be LUCKY In A Job Search?

Why is it that some people seem to have more luck with their job search than others? They have the same experience and the same skill set but in the career race, for some reason always get the best job opportunities first. Can it really all be down to luck? We here at Adzuna Towers... Read more

Busting The 5 Biggest Hiring Process Myths

The job search world has changed a lot in the past 20 years and it is true that some old techniques are no longer relevant or effective. There are many myths floating around the job search world, some you can be sure to believe and some, like the ones listed below, we need to dispel. ... Read more

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