3 Factors For Earning More In Your Job

Earning more money in your current job is not always as easy as asking for a raise. It is an uncomfortable question to ask and one that has to be approached in the right way. There is also evidence to suggest that those who moving jobs frequently are more likely to get paid more,... Read more

Phone Interviews: How To Put Your Best Voice Forward

Meeting viable candidates during the hiring process is time consuming, an investment that many employers do not want to take in the early states. For this reason many employers now favor phone interviews in the preliminary stages to screen the promising from the forgettable. This way they... Read more

3 Ways To Cope With Job Rejection and Move Forward

You found the position of your dreams, perfected your resume, got the call and nailed the interview. You followed up with the hiring manager with a polite and appropriate email to thank them for their time and further emphasise your suitability for the role. You thought the job was in... Read more

Problem and Solution for First Interview Success!

It is hard to keep a positive mental attitude during a job search especially when you don't find the job of your dreams straight away. There are so many pressures and responsibilities associated with finding a job, to provide a better life for our family and give yourself purpose and... Read more

5 Tips To Make Your Resume Stand Out

Everybody has an opinion on how to write the best resume. If you ask anyone who has either been on the hiring side or job hunting side, they will have a different opinion and formula about how best to write a knock-out resume. When push comes to shove, your resume is a reflection of who... Read more

How To Build Your Personal Brand and Land Your Dream Job

  The concept of your personal brand is a novel one, you are not a bluechip company or a budding startup, you're an individual. Job hunting means you have to market your brand to prospective employers, set yourself apart from the masses. Your personal brand should leave a lasting... Read more

How To Make Friends With Ambitious People

When scaling the mighty heights of the career ladder, it makes a lot of sense to have ambitious friends chasing the same kind of dream as you. We’re not suggesting ditching your childhood pals or being a measly social climber, but ambitions friends can provide the emotional and... Read more

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