12 Tiny Changes That Make Your Resume Easy for Recruiters to Skim

Nobody knows the exact amount of time that hiring managers spend reading your resume, but it is no secret that it is not a lot. Whether 6 seconds or 18, it is important to get the necessary information across as quickly and clearly as possible. The more readable your resume and more... Read more

How To Create Your Unique Career Plan

A career plan is a great idea no matter what stage of your career you're at. It gives you the opportunity to objectively think about what you want to want to achieve from your career and the necessary steps to take to get there. Not only does it help to clarify things in your mind but it... Read more

Problem and Solution for First Interview Success!

It is hard to keep a positive mental attitude during a job search especially when you don't find the job of your dreams straight away. There are so many pressures and responsibilities associated with finding a job, to provide a better life for our family and give yourself purpose and... Read more

How Many Of These Powerful Verbs Are In Your Resume?

90% of all resumes are packed with the same tired 4 verbs (led, handled, managed, responsible for) when it comes to describing your experience and accomplishments. Don't be that person. Hiring managers have heard these boring words over and over again. Use your imagination. There are... Read more

How To Avoid Fatal Grammar Mistakes On Your Resume

The worst thing you can do for your resume is grammar mistakes. There are several possible reasons why the resume's author would submit a resume filled with errors, and non of them reflect well. The first assumption is total carelessness on the behalf of someone who 'should' know how to... Read more

The Magic Recipe For A Your Personal Brand

The concept of a personal brand has taken on a life of it's own in the past few years and is now considered an indispensable requirement for your career. Job seekers are expected to be able to pitch their 'unique selling point' in such a way that validates why a company should hire... Read more

3 Factors For Earning More In Your Job

Earning more money in your current job is not always as easy as asking for a raise. It is an uncomfortable question to ask and one that has to be approached in the right way. There is also evidence to suggest that those who moving jobs frequently are more likely to get paid more,... Read more

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