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Where Are All the Jobs?

Which are the best and worst cities in Canada to find a job? Which sectors are hot and where? Where are all the jobs?

We’ve been doing some serious number crunching at Adzuna HQ over the past few weeks, comparing our job search index to the latest Employment Insurance and unemployment statistics. This data provides a unique insight to the Canadian economy, and can help you tailor your job search! Here’s what we found:

The Best Cities to Find a Job…

Our research found that Saskatoon (SK) topped the list of the best places in Canada to find a job, with 4.4 jobseekers per vacancy. Saskatoon was closely followed by Nanaimo (BC), Kamloops (BC), Winnipeg (MB) and Regina (SK).

… and the worst!

At the other end of the table, the St Catharines-Niagara (ON) region was the worst place in Canada to find a job, with 99.9 job seekers per vacancy. The Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo (ON) region, and cities of Cape Breton (NS), Oshawa (ON) and Windsor (ON) were also among the most competitive places for job seekers.

On an industry level, we found that Sales and Construction are currently the top hiring sectors, while . If you’re a graduate, or looking for a summer internship, you should head to Montréal, where 9% of all advertised vacancies are for graduate positions or internships.

Keep checking our blog for regular updates on the Canadian job market, and remember to use Adzuna Connect to find your perfect job with a little help from your friends!