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How to Make Your Résumé Stand Out From the Crowd

Having a solid résumé that stands out from the crowd is essential for getting over the first hurdles in your job search. Here are our top tips on how to gain an advantage over other applicants!

1. Include a career summary at the top

Provide a quick, 2-3 line summary of your career at the top of your resumé. Summarise your recent past, major achievements and what makes you stand out from other job seekers. Make sure your career summary matches the required experience from the company’s job ad.

2. Use keywords

A recruiter likely won’t have much time to spend reading your resumé when it first lands in their inbox. By including relevant keywords from the job ad, you’ll grab their attention and reduce the chances of being rejected at the first hurdle (or, in the case of many large companies, getting filtered out by software before a human even takes a look at your application!). This also helps to show that you have specialist knowledge.

3. Use numbers to highlight achievements

Every company is different, and using numbers help to paint a clear picture of what experience you actually have. For example, don’t say that you managed a small team – say “I managed a team of 5 people”. If you doubled revenue from $10m to $20m, say it! Be objective!

4. Highlight relevant experience

Tailor your resumé to different jobs – don’t adopt a “one size fits all” approach. This could be as simple as reordering your achievements in past roles so that the most relevant experience is near the top. It’s rare for a recruiter to read everything on their first review, so make sure you grab their attention with the most impressive points!

5. Be positive
Be positive!
Focus on the good points, and don’t be critical of any previous employers. You want to inspire recruiters, and definitely don’t want to make them think that you’re no fun to be around!

6. Ask your connections for introductions

The best way to get your resumé seen is to ask a connection for an introduction or recommendation. Tools like Adzuna Connect make it easy to find out if there are vacancies at your friend’s companies and gain that advantage over your competition!