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The Clean Tech Boom

With all the bad news raining down on us about hurricanes, unseasonably cold blasts and, on the other end of the spectrum, droughts across the world hitting the headlines, Team Adzuna were delighted to finally hear something positive about combating climate change. So, we hear you cry: which industry has set it’s sights on preventing Mother Nature’s unpredictability becoming the despair at the human race? The answer is Canada’s clean tech industry. After establishing itself as a world leader, Canada is on a mission to prove  that going green is not only insanely cool, but (thanks to development in both the private and public sectors), it is now also incredibly profitable!

Photo Credit: Northern Illinois University

Clean tech is the fastest-growing sector across the country, particularly in Ontario, where 35% of the industry is based. The sector’s main focus is developing technologies that improve the way  earth, water and air are used in today’s society. According to the 2014 Clean Technology Industry report, this new sector, though still in its infancy, comprises of over 700 SMEs and 41,000 employees. Most of these firms have barely been in existence for 16 years with many of their employees yet to reach the grand old age of 30. By 2022, it is expected that the sector will be worth $32 billion and will employ 116,600 people in Canada alone. With employment in this area growing at around 6% a year it’s a brilliant time to jump on the band wagon and give clean technologies a go.

But what exactly does clean tech entail? Over the past year $1 billion was  spent on research into everything from green chemistry and clean energy to cleaning contaminated land and developing enzymes that reduce CO2 or using greenhouse gasses to create stronger concrete… and hundreds of other fantastical things. A 20-year-old clean tech guru even managed to turn algae-infested water into clean water, a form of biofuel and even (it’s rumoured!) a possible cure for childhood cancer. It is a realm full of clever people tinkering away to make the world a better, safer and cleaner place. So if that sounds like it tickles your pickle, why not have a go?

The job market in the clean tech sector has gone wild and it’s not just reserved for the uber-clever scientist and engineer types, where the roles require degrees and previous work experience in manufacturing or product design. If you are interested in marketing communications, have a flare for design or boast transferable skills such as electrical or plumbing knowledge, you could easily find a ‘green collar’ job that suits you. Aside from educational qualifications and work experience you will need to be open-minded, ready to push boundaries, have a thirst for knowledge and most importantly you will need the ability to learn and grow with this burgeoning industry.

Although it may require a little re-training, if you are passionate about the environment and want to start a career in this exciting, growing sector you can jump straight in by searching Adzuna for the latest clean technology jobs in your area.