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8 Ways To Network Your Way To A New Job

A job search can not only be a major challenge, it can also be a lonely experience. All those hours spent alone in front of your computer, researching opportunities, editing and rewriting your resume, cover letter and waiting for a response. While it is true that a large part of job hunting does involve this, don’t suffer alone. To give yourself the best chance of finding the job of your dreams, tap your friends and family, rub shoulders with industry leaders, expand your list of contacts. Make every person you know your ambassador, your supporter in your mission to land a new job. Here are 10 kickass ways to network your way to a new job.

1. Join Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies are a great resource because they already have direct contact with many actively looking employers. Align yourself with the relevant industry agencies as many of these jobs will not be posted online and the only way in is through an agency.

2. Utilize Friends and Family

Think your friends and family like an expanding spiders web, each separate contact has their own extension of contacts meaning the web grows further and further. All of these people, whether they be old school professors to school friends, are a good opportunity for information. The more people who are aware that you’re looking for a job, the better. Encourage them to let their circle of friends and family know too.

3. Login to LinkedIn

Having a strong online presence is essential to your job search. Update your profile and reach out to friends and contacts who could be willing to support you and introduce to useful contacts. Linkedin also offers you the option of a premium Job Seeker package allowing you to connect directly with recruiters and potential employers.

4. Take an Evening Class

Keep your knowledge and expertise up to date by enrolling in a weekend or evening class. This is a good way to meet people in the same industry as well as improving your resume at the same time.

5. Industry Networking Evenings

These events are a great opportunity to rub shoulders with CEOs of relevant industry companies. Sign up to the organizations and make sure you attend local fixers.

6. Join A Club

An important part of hunting for a job is taking care of yourself. Join a local sports clubs, book club, knitting group, golf, hiking, or whatever takes your fancy. These are all great opportunities to connect and expand your network.

7. Mentor/Patron

This may be easier said than done but find yourself a mentor or patron. This is someone whose career you admire and whose trajectory you wish to emulate. Latch on and see what you can learn.

8. Customers are Key

This only really works if you are still in employment. If you always strive to impress your customers with a smile and efficiency, they may just be your next employer.

Remember that the job you want is waiting for you. Use your new and existing contacts to find it. Good luck and happy job hunting!