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5 Interview Hacks That Will Give You The Upper Hand

Just the right amount of confidence is essential for job interviews, not so much you appear cocky, but just enough that the hiring manager can trust you know what you’re doing. Projecting confidence when you’re riddled with anxiety and nerves can seem impossible. Take the analogy of the duck on a pond. On the surface, he is composed and calm while under the water his legs are paddling frantically. With these simple hacks, you can convince your hiring manager you ooze confidence, despite feeling like Mr/Mrs Jelly on the inside.

The aim: present yourself as someone who is uniquely positioned to deliver on company goals. You are a candidate who is in demand, recognise your worth and be willing to promote it.

1. Your resume is a force to be reckoned with

A resume is a marketing tool used to sell your personal brand. Imagine it as a shield that will protect you against probing, attacking questions trying to test your fit for the role. It is only as strong as the content you put in it. While you should never lie on a resume, there is no sense in laying yourself bare and open to attack. If you have weaknesses in your employment history like a period of unemployment or a redundancy, be forthcoming to explain these in person, without being prompted, justifying it as a learning experience.

2. Stick to time limits

Important people, people in demand don’t have time to let an interview drag on and on (unless there is likely a job offer at the end). Whether you are on a phone call or at a physical interview, use your judgement to determine whether letting the interview go over time (5-10 minutes) is totally necessary. If it is not, it risks lessening your worth so politely make your excuse and depart.

3. Don’t share salary details.

The most common reason a hiring manager asks what you currently/previously were being paid is to preemptively lower salary expectations. If they really wanted to know what you got paid they can look on sites such as Glassdoor. So when asked in an interview, keep your cards to your chest and respond with a question; “I would love to find out the prospective salary range is for this position.”

4. Are they dragging out the interview process?

Yes, you want the job otherwise you wouldn’t be interviewing. However, this does not mean that they can continue to make you jump through hoop after hoop without committing to anything. Before agreeing to one more round of interviews ask where they are in the process? This will help you understand if you are 1 of 20 or 1 of 2 potential candidates. Find out by what measures they are judging the interview and what they want to see from you. If they cannot or won’t define what they’re looking for, consider ducking out.

5. Show enthusiasm!

Sounds like this is stating the obvious but you’d be amazed how many interviewees don’t get the job, even though they are the front runner because they didn’t show enough enthusiasm for the job. Don’t gush like a One Direction fan, but be sure to bring it up at the end of the interview that you are really excited about being a part of what they’re doing. It seals the deal. Trust us.