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2 Interview Hacks to Being More Likeable


Interviews are all about selling yourself and your value to the hiring manager. You need to convince them that you’re to only one for the job and make them fall in love with you. It is like a first date, you want to be funny without being facetious, confident without being braggy, keen without being desperate, humble without being under-qualified and you want to appear in demand without being unavailable. It is a minefield of interview etiquette to ensure your hiring manager likes you. So, here’s 2 easy step to help you be more likeable during interviews?

1. Quantify Your Accomplishments

Every time you answer a question, make sure that you give an example to the interviewer that validates what you’re saying. This is a very effective way to demonstrate your value and accomplishments without bragging. You can’t argue with facts and figures.

2. Credit Where Credit Is Due

While you don’t want to pass the praise, it is important to give credit where credit is due. It is very unlikely that you achieved all the results totally on your own, so tell the hiring manager that, while you were the driving force in the task, your teammates were indispensable to the success of the task. This shows that you’re a team player and the company’s success is more important than stealing all the spotlight. You need to demonstrate that your uniqueness and experience are exactly what this role requires.

Simply follow these two interview hacks to make you more likeable in your interview to help you bag that job of your dreams.