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4 Tips For Group Interview Success

Group interviews are a great opportunity to show the hiring manager that you are a dynamic candidate who connects easily with a team of people. It is a chance to show that you are a team player and engage quickly with any group of people. At the same time, they can be more intimidating and stressful than an individual interview because you can see your direct competition. It can be scary to see face-to-face those who are better qualified than you and to make yourself stand out. Here are 4 easy steps to nailing a group interview.


1. Prepare to the MAX

Do your homework. As with any interview, you have to prepare. However, with a group interview, it is even more vital. To bring your A game, you need to prepare for every possible eventuality, every question needs to have a thoughtfully considered answer with quantitative details and examples.

2. Engage in conversation

With group interviews, it is important to make your voice heard above the others. Come prepared with questions to ask the interviewing committee such as “what constitutes success at this position?” This is your opportunity to prove you are a dynamic thinker and are keen to engage in the success of the company. Encouraging open dialogue in the interview will have a great impact.

3. Paraphrase what you hear

Another good trick to demonstrate that you are a good listener and engage quickly is to repeat the question back to the interviewer using your own words. For example: “From what I understand you want to know how I would…” Also where possible use the interviewing panel’s names when replying to them eg: “Sarah, like you mentioned…”

4. Include aspects of the job description

A good way to let the interviewer know that you already understand the role, and its respective responsibilities, is to use aspects of the job description in your answers. This is a simple trick that goes over really well in group interviews. It lets the hiring team know that you are ready to roll.

The key to a successful group interview is to be as interactive as possible (without being facetious). You don’t want to be over bearing and dominate the conversation, don’t interrupt your fellow interviewees or talk over them. Be present, prepared and friendly and the job is yours.