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3 Factors For Earning More In Your Job

Earning more money in your current job is not always as easy as asking for a raise. It is an uncomfortable question to ask and one that has to be approached in the right way. There is also evidence to suggest that those who moving jobs frequently are more likely to get paid more, however there is a whole basket load of issues with switching careers too often.  In order to understand your specific situation and potential value we unveil 3 ways to improve your personal work value.

1. Consistently Increasing Your Personal Work Value how to get a raise

What does personal work value mean? It is simply a means of measuring what you are worth to your boss. It is the price they are willing to pay to ensure that you continue to provide a service and don’t leave to work for someone else. The real question is HOW to increase that value? The answer is simple. By improving your skill-set, broadening your experience and becoming the best at what you do is easiest way to increasing your personal work value. Are you challenging yourself everyday to improve and grow or is work easy and comfy? As the saying goes “In this world you’re either growing or you’re dying so get in motion and grow.’

how to get a raise2. Work To Your Strengths

It is no secret that employees who have a career they love are significantly more productive than the average employee. Those who are more productive are worth more. It’s simple maths. If your boss thinks you’re personal work value is high, chances are then others will do which feeds into a level of competition. If you have multiple career options you can charge a higher price in-house or when looking for a new job.

how to get a raise3. Both Your Value Align

It is hugely important that your values align with your company’s core values. If you do not agree with their “modus operandi” or not commit fully to achieve their goals you will never be valuable to them. It is important that the values of both parties are aligned otherwise it is a waste of your time and you won’t grow in skill, experience or value. There is a whole treasure trove of exciting companies that are looking exactly for employees who are unique, authentic and align with their company values. These types of companies know that an employee who is nurtured and pushed to grow will become infinitely more valuable to them over time.