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Problem and Solution for First Interview Success!

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It is hard to keep a positive mental attitude during a job search especially when you don’t find the job of your dreams straight away. There are so many pressures and responsibilities associated with finding a job, to provide a better life for our family and give yourself purpose and pride. This is why the interview process is SO frustrating, you think you aced it but never heard back.

“What did I do wrong ?” The answer? You likely committed one of the following cardinal interview sins. So to help you achieve the job of your dreams check out our sure-fire interview solutions.

1. You Stink Of Desperation

It is no secret that you want the job otherwise you wouldn’t be at the interview. No hiring manager wants to employ someone who appears like they will say or do absolutely anything to get the job. Desperation distracts from getting a genuine understanding of what you’re capable of and it is just simply not very attractive. It implies low-value and nobody will hire low-value. They want to feel like they nabbed an in-demand professional who’d be a genuine asset to the company.


Give the impression that you are a highly in-demand professional and would be a serious asset to the company. This starts before you even arrive for the interview. Start by creating a shining resume that oozes confidence (without being arrogant), is specific to this job in this company, and quantifiably sings about your achievements. Imply that your time is precious and that free time is scarce. If the interview goes over the previously agreed time, politely but firmly explain you have somewhere else to be. Before you leave the interview, ask; “Are there any aspects of this interview that would prevent me from advancing as a candidate of choice?” This direct question exudes confidence and gives you the opportunity to knock any red flags on the head.

2. Your Core Values Do Not Align

It is hugely important for both parties that your culture and values align otherwise it’s a relationship from hell. It is no secret that likability is an incredibly influential factor in hiring decisions, often overshadowing someone who has more experience in the job. This is because we want to work with people cut from the same cloth, people with the same ambition as opposed to people they are likely to clash with.


Social media is your best friend here – it is a window into what is important for the company. Dive into the company’s social channels and try to understand the company culture and how they communicate. Check out websites like LinkedIn to do some research into their employees.

3. You Quickly Learn New Skills

How is this negative, we hear you asking? If you spend half the interview convincing the hiring manager that you learn quickly on the job you’re likely doing more damage than good. What they hear when you say this is that you currently do not have the necessary skills and will have to be trained. Regardless of how ‘quickly you learn’ you will not hit the ground running upon being hired.

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Use your time in unemployment wisely. If you’re lacking certain skills start an evening or weekend course. Analyse the job descriptions for the positions you’re trying for work out what the necessary skills are. Hiring is simply filling a specific-shaped hole with the closest-fitting peg and how can you make yourself the best candidate. Also, have a think about a game plan you would enact immediately to move the ball forward. This will guarantee to impress and show you’ve done your research.

One last tip: Smile, be confident and friendly – and avoid talking about money in the first interview