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How To Overcome Your Job Search Anxiety

Unemployment at any stage of your career, whether a fresh graduate or an experienced veteran can be terrifying. From refining resumes, cultivating cover letters and searching never-ending job boards, embarking into the next stage of your this career will trigger some stress. Rather than getting paralysed by anxiety, double up on positive thinking and arm yourself with these 5 ways to overcome your job search anxiety:

1. Career centrejob search anxiety

There is a treasure trove of job search resources at your fingertips including online job search sites, job centres and recruitment companies. These are a gateway to a world of employers on the hunt for a candidate like you. All you have to do show them what you can bring to the table and why they’d be mad not to hire you.

2. Utilize your network

Building a network of successful professionals is fundamental to a successful job search. Not only do they provide support and easy the anxiety but they can also provide some perspective. At the early stages of your career connect with friends and family who work in your industry of choice to get some insight on how to get your foot in the door. Get advice from those who have gone through the same journey.

3. Find a mentor

Mentors can be particularly useful at easing the anxiety. Find someone who you trust and whose career you admire. A great mentor can introduce you to the right people, coach you for interviews, and help rework your resume.

job search anxiety4. Set bitesized goals

There are many steps along the path of job search. Rather than just focusing on the end game set yourself manageable sub-goals to keep your motivation up. Before you know it you will have the job of your dreams in the palm of your hands. Secondly you have to set realistic expectations. Nobody gets a job in a day, probably not even a week. This will help you not feel overwhelmed. Hold yourself accountable for achieving your daily (or weekly) goals while you head from your job search into your long-term career.

5. Success looks different to everyone

Try to stop comparing your success to your friends and colleagues. Remain focused on what is important to you and remember that your career goals and success is different to everyone else’s. If you spend too much time thinking the grass is greener you are setting yourself up to fail or constantly feeling inadequate.

6. Take some time for yourself

Job search is a full time job that demands your full commitment and energy. However it is important to take time for yourself. Schedule some time every day and every week to rest, spend time with your friends, go to that yoga class, whatever it is you enjoy – then return to your job search with a fresh approach.