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5 Brutal Truths Every Millennial Looking for a Job Needs to Hear

Millennials have become more than just a demographic; they’re a trend and more often than not this trend is getting a bad reputation. Millennials are not just looking for a job, they want ‘the’ job. A job that makes them happy, pays well, has great salary prospects and does something worthwhile. What’s so wrong with that? The painful reality is that these goals have little to do with your employer and more to do with habits put in place over time. Here’s a healthy dose of five truths especially written for a millennial job seeker:

Truth # 1: Resumes mean very little nowadays.

People will hire candidates they know, or are recommended by people they trust. It’s not a secret, it’s just a truth we do not talk about. Do not forsake your resume, but put yourself out there and make actual connections to people. Your network might be more extensive than you know, and now is a great time to discover that.

Truth # 2: “Selling” yourself is a thing.

You’ve probably heard about personal branding, and most millennials are good at it. Learn to navigate the competition by setting up a brand for yourself, something that will make you stand out. Think of your experiences and skill set as a product that you need to present in the best way possible.

Truth # 3: Your online persona is important.

If you think hiring managers won’t look at your online profiles, think again. Social media is a great platform to know more about the candidates they are interested in, take note of that.


Truth # 4: You get paid what you asked for.

Everyone has complained about their salaries at least once in their careers, but the truth is that you are the one who determines your value. Of course, employers want quality work for the cheapest price. If you want a raise, ask for it. Better yet, make yourself so valuable that they have to give you that raise you deserve.

Truth # 5: We do not own the world.

Most millennials grow up thinking that anything is possible and even some think that the world owes them a job and a nice life. Wrong. The job will not be handed to you just because you have a college degree. Work hard for it. Some people get to their level of success because they know that they can only control one aspect of existence–their own life.