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How to Job Search while You’re Employed

Job Search while You’re Employed

Are you tired of your current job? Are you tired of not being paid what you deserve or do you just want to escape an overwhelming workload and overbearing managers? Often the easy decision is deciding that you want to quit but the real challenge is how to search for a new job while still employed. How do you find the time? How do you keep it a secret from your current boss? Here are some top tips to get the job search underway without neglecting your current role.

1. Do it outside of work hours.

The important thing to remember is your current job is still the main priority. To keep the work-life balance, schedule some time in your evenings and weekends to dive into your job search, researching companies and perfecting your resume.

2. Keep it a Secret

Don’t share the knowledge that you’re looking for greener pastures until you know for a fact you’re leaving. Even if you have some great friends among your work colleagues, you can’t be sure they won’t spill the beans. Not only will make for an awkward work environment in the meantime but if your superiors hear of your plans to leave, they may replace you before you’re ready to leave.

3. Turn on incognito mode.

Be careful not to give the game away while searching for a job board or using social media. Switch on incognito mode to cover your tracks and also save you from the prying eyes of your employer.

Job Search while You’re Employed4. Schedule your interviews smartly.

Try to schedule interviews outside of office hours. Most hiring managers will understand that you’re committed to your current job and will make time to see you in the morning or evening. Most prospective employers will even be impressed by your professional attitude and dedication to your responsibilities. What’s not the like.

5. What are your strengths

What makes you stand out from the crowd? Take a good look at yourself and consider your strengths and weaknesses in relation to both future and past roles. This will help you to understand which type of job and work environment is best suited to you.

6. Work even harder.

It is true that you may feel a little bit guilty of trying to look for a job while you have one, but you should also remember that there’s nothing wrong with you looking for greener pastures if you are not satisfied with your current work at all. Just do your best while you’re still there for you may need them as references for your next job.