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4 Killer Tips To Get You An Interview


You might be the world’s most perfect candidate for a role, but if you can’t impress on paper you will never get the opportunity to interview for the job. No interview. No hope. Here at Adzuna HQ we know a thing or two about how to shine on your job application and how to make the hiring manager dance for joy that they have found the perfect candidate.

Contact the recruiter

In an age where everything is done over messages and emails, stand out from the crowd and get on the phone to the recruiter. Prepare your pitch beforehand and concentrate on the job requirements and how you will benefit them. Express how your qualifications would be an asset to the company and focus on the employer’s needs but not yours.

Cover letters

All resumes should be accompanied by a cover letter tailored to suit the job requirements. When you write the cover letter, it should also focus on how you will benefit the company. Finish the letter stating that you would like to contact them in a few days and discuss a possibility of an interview. If they do contact you, treat the phone call as you would do in an interview. They could be just seeking some preliminary information to check if you would be suitable.


Do not leave the positions that you have applied for unattended. After you have sent the resume to do a follow-up call after about a week, introduce yourself and express your keenness for the position.

If there is no telephone number and you want to send an e-mail, make it brief and keep it to the point. Again, express how your qualification and skills are right for the position.

If they have asked you to call back later then do so and try to establish a timeline for the interviews or if need be, leave an alternate number for them to contact you.

Keep track of Applications

Keep track of all the applications when you contacted the person in charge of hiring e.g. who the person is and any other information that might be of use, such as interview timelines.

It is important to keep track because if they call you, you should know the position you have applied for and more importantly, what you wrote in your cover letter.

When you do your follow-up work, do not get despondent. If it is a crucial position, the process may take several months before you will be invited for an interview.