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Unusual Job Perks in Canada

Unusual Job Perks in Canada

A new way to attract great talents is providing unusual perks which the employees can enjoy and may add a sense of belonging. There are some real unusual perks, such as Hangover days which some Canadian companies provide.

Throwing a Luggage Party

Some companies arrange a luggage party whereby the employees come to work with a suitcase packed to go for a short trip. Every employee is eligible but only those that would like to take part in bring a suitcase. Often a draw is held in the afternoon. There are usually only four winners who are then driven away to the airport and flown to an exciting destination, like Las Vegas.

Strategize over drinks

Some companies choose to get to know their staff the traditional way and so they take them to a resort. Here the staff share ideas with each other and get to know their peers better. The best way to do that is letting the staff enjoy themselves under the sun with some exotic drinks.

Flexi Hours

This perk has been present for some years now, but some companies are taking it further by allowing the employees submit their tasks any time of the day. This allows much more flexibility for the employees to schedule their day according to their personal lives.

Unusual Job Perks in Canada


There are many who prefer a good massage to relax after a hard day at work. After the massage, you may also get a free healthy drink and a snack.

Game Time

Some Canadian companies have found that arranging a game time for their employees after the work creates a team spirit and increases production. Some employees are permitted to go to the sports venues or they may watch these on TV screens in the workplace.

Travel and Holiday

Some employers benefit their staff by allowing them to take a long, 4-week leave after every 5 years which is fully paid. They may even consider supplementing the costs which allow the employee to go to places that they would not have considered before.

Snow Days

The employees of a company may be allowed to go off and enjoy the slopes with ski passes that have been given to them by the company.

No Official Work Hours

Instead of using flexi-time and ensuring that the employee still covers the necessary amount of hours as stipulated in the contract, some Canadian companies only judge the employees’ time by measuring what has been achieved. This is a great perk but requires a lot of self-discipline because if the results are not achieved, you could end up looking for another job.

Job Perks

Job perks are a great way to create a team that will be loyal and give its best. This is necessary since most job perks are designed to give a little extra to the employees without it being added onto the salary but giving some enjoyment that does not come out of the employee’s pocket.

That is why companies are finding more ways to thank their employees for their dedication and there are some real unusual perks in Canada as well.