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How To Write Job Ads Candidates Can’t Resist


Employers! Here’s one quick question: are you posting the right job ads to engage the best candidates? The problem is, many companies are too overloaded up with work that something as seemingly insignificant as a job ad can often find itself at the bottom of the priority list.

This is no excuse for slapping up an unattractive job post and call it a day. If you want your potential candidates to be the brightest in the field, use these tips to usher a number of talents fighting for a spot in your company.

Tip # 1: Appeal to your Candidates

A job ad is still an ad, and you must utilize a marketer’s approach to “sell” your product. Post relevant information about the job concisely, but with a call to action.

Tip # 2 Be Creative

The contents of the job ad should jump off the page and grab a candidate’s attention. Use job titles and relevant buzzwords that are likely to be searched on a web toolbar. Weed out the inappropriate candidates effectively by adding challenging instructions like a specific subject on their email.

How to write Job Ads Candidates Can’t ResistTip # 3 Sell Your Company

Job ads are a great venue to put your company in the limelight. Write credentials and describe a fun working environment to entice candidates to be a part of your team.

Treat job ads as you would a presentation of your product or service. Remember: candidates are your customers, and your addition to their team is your payment.