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Revealed: The Top Ten Buzzwords Used by Recruiters

Research carried out by Adzuna Canada has revealed the top ten buzzwords employers use in job ads, and straight in at the top spot is ‘flexibility’. By analyzing the language used in thousands of advertisements, we’ve compiled a list of the most in-demand skills recruiters are looking for, with more than 32% of employers calling for candidates who could demonstrate they were flexible workers.

The results of our 2017 survey show that more and more recruiters are favoring so-called ‘soft skills’ and experience over qualifications. If you’re looking for your dream job, here are the top ten buzzwords to look out for if you want to catch a potential employer’s eye…

1. Flexible – 44,308 or 32% of the adverts we analyzed called for flexibility, with employers who used this buzzword offering an average salary of $49,739 per annum.

2. Communication skills – The ability to put your thoughts across well in speaking and writing was a top priority listed in 29.6% of job ads, or 40,489 times. The average advertised salary for this keyword came in at $50,034.

3. Effective – Quite a vague term but a buzzword which came up 38,122 times, or in 27.8% of advertisements. Salaries for these ads averaged $52,261.

4. Degree – Candidates with qualifications are still highly desirable to recruiters, with this buzzword making its way into 23.8% of the ads we analyzed. Employers were also prepared to pay extra for those with some letters after their names, with average salaries of $59,946.

5. Results – Another fairly vague buzzword, but 16.1% or 22,090 job ads called for candidates who could ‘get results’ or were ‘results-driven’. These ads also had the second highest average salary at $65,870.

6. Motivated – 19,501 or 14.3% of job ads were after candidates who were motivated, with average salaries hitting $50,311.

7. Innovative – Creative thinkers were sought in 13.9% of adverts, or 19,021 of the listings we analyzed. These commanded the third highest average salary, at $62,869.

8. Qualified – With the highest average salary of $67,448, 13.4% or 18,292 job ads called for someone who was well-qualified – be it through a degree or on the job training, employers are willing to pay top dollar for the most qualified candidates.

9. Problem solving – It’s another of those buzzwords you either love or loathe, but problem solvers were called for in 12.4% of job adverts and average salaries here were $48,670.

10. Challenging – It’s hard to know what to make of this one out of context, but the word ‘challenging’ came up in 11.4% or 15,547 of the ads we analyzed, with an average salary of $46,841.

What’s clear from this list is that while employers are prepared to pay more for graduates and those with qualifications, they still place far more value on people who have developed soft skills and gained on the job experience. Here at Adzuna we’re ideally placed to help you pinpoint which parts of your resumé need developing, as well as helping you land your perfect job – work on these buzzword skills and you stand a better chance of finding what you’re looking for.