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Ten of the Most Unusual Job Titles We’ve Ever Heard

The Adzuna team are used to going through job adverts and noticing things which are a bit odd or unusual, mainly recruiters requesting slightly niche or downright silly skills. Sometimes it’s companies attempting to make the most ordinary of jobs sounds like a thrill a minute – who wants to be a Catering Assistant when you could style it out as a Food Excellence Technician, or a Shop Assistant when you could be a Retail Ninja?

Unusual job titles bring a little joy to the workplace, and it’s hard not to break into a smile when they are so meaningless, so ridiculous or so self-congratulatory. Just for fun, we’ve searched the internet for some of the most unusual job titles out there and here’s a run-down of our top ten…

Beverage Dissemination Officer

Any guesses? That’s right, it’s the rather grand sounding title one company used when advertising for a bartender. Taking some of the fun out of a trip to the bar, there’s something really quite menacing and corporate about this job title. It seems to elevate the relatively simple task of pouring glasses of wine and beer into something far more complex and disciplined…

Chief Play Officer

Any kid wanting to supplement their allowance would do well to apply for this position. Toys “R” Us in Canada has employed a young Chief Play Officer for a couple of years now, and their responsibilities include road-testing the latest toys before they’ve hit the shelves and choosing their top recommendations for other children.

Chief Storyteller

Some eyebrows were raised when Microsoft began employing a Chief Storyteller. Does it conjure up images of small groups gathered round the campfire, or children sitting on the school carpet ready for storytime? In fact, Microsoft’s Chief Storyteller is responsible for ‘changing the perception’ of the company through storytelling, by means of social media, photos, blogs, cartoons, events and pretty much anything else they can think of.

Chick Sexer

The job title might make you smirk, but it’s actually a pretty common role and an important one in the poultry production industry. Chick sexers are the folks who are trained to determine the sex of newly-hatched baby chickens, and they’re employed by commercial hatcheries to sort the female chicks from the males. Girls go on to be the egg-layers of tomorrow, boys tend to have a shorter life expectancy…

In-House Philosopher

Famed for their slightly unorthodox and creative work environment, Google has recruited an In-house Philosopher to do some deep thinking for them. Bringing a ‘humanistic perspective’ to the tech sector, the post was created in 2012 – if you’ve got the answers to the meaning of life then make sure you polish your CV and get it sent to the internet giant ASAP.

Scrum Master

As with the Chick Sexer, Scrum Master is a catchy and unusual title for another fairly common job. The Scrum Master works as part of a product development team, sitting in on the huddle or ‘scrum’ of the group’s morning meeting – their role is to learn about the goals people are working towards individually and collectively, then see the team achieves success by clearing obstacles and distractions out of their way so they can be as efficient as possible.

Paranoid in Chief

Someone who spends their days gathering information on government conspiracy theories and why their neighbours are out to get them? When you find out that Yahoo’s cybersecurity department are known as ‘The Paranoids’, this unusual description starts to make a little more sense. A simple ‘Head of Cybersecurity’ job title clearly wasn’t enough for Yahoo. You have to admit this sounds like more fun.

Maple Syrup Co-ordinator

One that is Canadian through and through, a Maple Syrup Co-ordinator does just that – co-ordinates the production of maple syrup. It’s a tough job. Maple Syrup Co-ordinators follow the whole process from start to finish, from collection through to marketing, but we have to envy them the quality control side of their role. Where would this great nation and its pancakes be without all their hard work and dedication?

Happiness Hero

Sounds rather cute, doesn’t it? If you’re imagining someone in a skin-tight costume and mask running round distributing hugs and dispensing heart-warming compliments, think again. It seems the title originated with social media marketing firm Buffer, although it has since spread to other companies. The role entails solving technical issues for customers in a ‘personal’ way – so pretty much a fancy term for Customer Support then.

Chief Inspiration Officer

Bit fed up of the office? Losing interest in your work? Then look to your Chief Inspiration Officer (CIO) for guidance. Every office should have one. The Chief Inspiration Officer’s role is to encourage employees to believe in the greatness of their company and evangelise about their values and virtues – while you might not be able to cope with such relentless positivity, having that job title on your CV would surely make you stand out!

If your office lacks a Chief Inspiration Officer and you’re tired with the job you’re in, then the time might have come to start looking around for something a little less ordinary. Start hunting down those unusual, fun jobs with and take the next step in your career today!