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Going Green: How Renewable Energy Could Create More Jobs

For many years the idea of ‘going green’ has been seen by recruiters and jobseekers as a danger to the Canadian jobs market – for a country so heavily dependent on oil, the notion of weaning the nation off the black gold and switching to renewable energy might seem like an impossible task. Back in 2016, however, the government signed up to the Paris Agreement to fight global warming, and that means we’re all going to have to change with the times…

The Adzuna team likes to see change as an opportunity, and now a report from the Columbia Institute backs up the idea that going green might in fact boost the jobs market in the next few years. The authors who penned the report came to the conclusion that a switch to a net zero-emissions economy by 2050 could create an incredible four million jobs over the next three decades. So what are the best sectors to get into now, if you want to take advantage of the explosion in the green industries?

Construction – About two million jobs – the vast majority – would be in the building trade. Older buildings will need retrofitting to eliminate carbon emissions, while demand for new, green buildings will rocket. Getting to know all about green construction methods and technologies now could see you landing a very nice job in the near future!

Renewable Energy, Nuclear and Electrics – Moving away from an electricity grid dependent on fossil fuels could create around 1.18 million new jobs, and those with skills in renewable energy, nuclear energy and electrics will be in high demand. The report estimates that 40% of Canada’s electricity would come from hydroelectric plants, 25% from wind, 10% from solar, and a further 5% apiece from nuclear and tidal power – get skilled up in one of these areas and you’ll quickly be snapped up by green employers.

Energy System Development – It seems like a vague phrase, but the need to build water pipes which can heat and cool entire city districts could create a further 500,000 jobs in the next three decades. District energy systems such as those already found in downtown Toronto are going to be very important in the fight against climate change, so now might be the time to explore this route further.

Public Transport – Finally, the $150billion set to be poured into the nation’s transportation systems could help generate nearly 250,000 new jobs. New, more eco-friendly subway tunnels, bridges, rail transit systems and buses will all need to be created, so those with skills in transport and engineering will be in high demand very soon.

It’s clear that the next few years are going to see some pretty serious changes to the jobs market, but any moves which create more jobs can only be for the best. Here at, we keep an eye on such market trends and ensure we bring you the best new jobs going. Take this report as the green light to boost your skills and explore a greener career with us – it really could pay off in the not too distant future!