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The Top Six Things Canadians Look for in a New Employer

Searching for and finding a new job can be an incredibly exciting experience, and it could be the start of a beautiful new relationship. As with any new relationship, though, we’re looking for certain things from a partner – shared values, common interests, same likes and dislikes, a similar outlook on life.

It goes without saying that promotional prospects and career progression feature highly on everyone’s wish-list when it comes to finding a new employer, but so too do other, perhaps more subtle traits. When surveyed, these were the six most important things the majority of Canadian jobseekers looked for in a new company…

Fantastic Corporate Culture

Nobody goes to work to be miserable. A good corporate culture was ranked as one of the most important things people looked for in a new employer, whether that was achieved through rewarding benefits packages, regular social events, flexible working, training opportunities or beanbags scattered around the coffee machines. The right atmosphere in a working environment can make all the difference to both those already working there and those hoping to get in.

Welcome Communication

Being able to talk freely was also important to jobseekers, with open communication regularly cited as a major draw to a new employer. Nobody likes feeling their opinions aren’t taken seriously, much less that they might be ignored or told to keep quiet if something is wrong. Whether it’s personal issues, a recommendation on how to improve the way things work or expressing concerns when things aren’t right, open communication was highly valued.

A Team Mentality

It doesn’t have to be all hugs and office bonding sessions, but a team mentality is key. People do, of course, like their own department to work well together, but feeling there is a team mindset across the whole company can really make employees feel they’re part of something big, important and special. That feeling of support and friendship shouldn’t be undervalued, because it was definitely among the top things catching jobseekers’ attention.

Great Management

A well led team is a hard-working team, and great management was voted one of the top things on jobseekers’ wish-lists. Everyone wants to strike lucky with a boss who is understanding, sympathetic, a good listener and keen to keep their staff happy – the wish might not always be granted, but strong leadership can make all the difference to how a company performs and how content its people are.

Strong Community Spirit

A sense of community creates a sense of belonging, which means employees are more likely to stay in their jobs for longer, more likely to be happy and, therefore, more likely to be productive. Regular opportunities to take time out together away from their desks and office-wide social events such as Christmas parties and conferences were something jobseekers said they liked to look for in potential new employers.

A Sunny Disposition

A positive attitude was among the top traits jobseekers were looking for. A company which can demonstrate it values the work it does and can point out where that work makes a difference to the world is a good company to work for. Organisations which go out of their way to make both staff and clients happy are the most successful, so it’s no surprise that a sunny disposition was important to jobseekers.

Whatever you’re looking for in a new employer, can help you find your perfect match. We’ve got some of the country’s top companies on our books, those which could tick all the boxes on your new employer wish-list – start your job search with us today, to find the perfect new place for you!