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Why October is a Good Month to Start Your Job Search!

Many people come across as quite pessimistic about searching for a new job in the autumn, but October may in fact be one of the best months to begin looking around. The summer vacation season is over and the office is getting back into ‘serious’ work mode before the chaos which is December and the run-up to Christmas.

Here at Adzuna HQ we’ve noticed that when we enter this golden ‘in-between’ period, the job ads start to roll in and all sorts of companies begin to advertise their vacancies. Don’t feel gloomy about the onset of autumn – take October as your perfect opportunity to start your job hunt and make your move before the festive season!

The October Bounce

The office over the summer months can be a very strange place. People disappear on vacation and nobody is much in the mood for being stuck behind a desk, so recruitment slides pretty low down on the agenda. With so many people away, it’s not really the time to be putting together job ads and organising interviews, so filling any vacancies is a task generally left until things have settled down in mid-September.

October, therefore, often sees a big boost in the numbers of ads placed, as companies suddenly wake up and realise they need to do some serious hiring before the year gets on much further. It’s an unwritten rule, but not many companies look for new recruits from mid-November onwards – the office’s thoughts are too taken up with booking winter vacations and what to wear to the Christmas party to be worried about recruitment…

Mid-September to mid-November therefore become something of a boom period for new job adverts, as companies look to hire new staff while things are settled and the majority of their recruitment team are back to work. If you’ve been considering a career move, this may well be the perfect time to take that initial step by starting your job search and taking advantage of this golden couple of months.

The Best and the Worst

Of course, there are certain types of jobs which are more readily available than others around now. Teaching jobs, for instance, tend to be harder to come by because few schools will want to start the recruitment process at the start of a new school term. If they know they have a vacancy to fill after the summer, most will have begun advertising much earlier in the year to make sure the staff are in place when the kids return after the summer vacation.

Retail jobs, on the other hand, tend to pick up about now – there are lots of big calendar events coming up which will need the staff in place and fully trained, with Halloween and Christmas seeing more people hitting the stores. The same goes for restaurants, bars and coffee shops in the run-up to December. More serving staff and baristas are going to be needed to cater for the high volume of office Christmas parties or large family and friend get-togethers in the run-up to the festive season.

Whatever sort of job you’re looking for, now is the perfect time to kick-start your job search and find yourself something new before the end of the year. Here at, we have all the very best vacancies available to help you land your perfect role, so make October the month for change and start your search with us today!