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Some of the Hottest Unexpected Jobs for Canada in 2018

Although many industries growing due to the technological advances in this day and age are quite logical, some of the following jobs that will also see high demand from this year forward, may be a little less obvious. Curious? Take a read and stay up to date with some of the hottest unexpected positions this year:

1. General Labourer
General Labourers are needed to take on all jobs, from major industries such as manufacturing and logistics to minor industries such as packaging and handy work. Besides the fact that automation does cause a point of concern for many people working in these industries, general labourers have the opportunity to move up in these jobs if they show a vast amount of commitment and even just show up to work on time.

2. Sales Representative
Sales is an extremely important factor in getting your product and services sold. Without sales, your inventory simply will not get sold. Whether we are talking business to business or business to consumer, sales jobs such as account managers and marketing heads are at the top of the list.

3. Financial Accountant
According to Randstad, professional accountants are not all guaranteed a job in 2018, this due to the fast change of analog to digital. Skills in analytical data as well as technical skills regarding software are becoming key aspects to maintaining or obtaining such positions at companies at this time.

4. Engineering Project Manager

Project managers in the engineering sector are highly necessary for ensuring all kinds of construction projects: whether it be a new bridge in Montreal or a large hospital in Toronto. Thanks to the increase of infrastructure that is being created to better the environment and transport world, project managers to conduct these projects are now needed more than ever.

5. Business Analyst
With the increase of high-tech businesses and smart buildings, business analysts that are both tech-savvy as well as business-savvy are in high demand and this demand will only grow exponentially over the years. Where most business analysts have a degree in business or economics, it is advised by most companies to obtain extra IT training alongside this degree if the company doesn’t already offer such training or education. Keep that in mind business majors!

6. Customer Service Representative
These representatives are in the market to ensure customers are satisfied with their products or services. These individuals can be at call centres, hidden away in offices, or even provide face to face services. Due to the advances in technology, customer service representatives with lots of knowledge about machinery, speakers, television, smartphones and more, are in immense demand.

7. Software Engineer
software engineer data analyst

This seems quite obvious, without software, technology would not be able to advance as fast as it has in this day and age. All the more reason why engineers in this field are one of the highest positions in demand. Not to mention earning a very favourable average of $83,000 to $99,000 a year.

8. Forklift Operator
With e-commerce on the rise across Canada, forklift drivers are now needed more than ever to transport, pile up and inventory products that need to be delivered to consumers. With all the advances in robotics, people operating automatic forklifts will be in just as high demand. General labourers are often given the opportunity to obtain safety and training certificates to be able to operate these machines. This is a great way to move up in the food chain.

As some of these job sectors may have come at a surprise, perhaps you’ve gotten more inspiration to switch your current job and move into the industry you’ve always dreamed of. Well, fret not, Adzuna is here to help!