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Tailor Your Cover Letter Like A True Hustler

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Just as companies such as Adzuna invest a lot of time and effort in their brand identity, individuals need to invest time in their own brand identity in order to succeed in their professional lives. Create a unique cover letter that introduces you as the stand-out candidate straight off the bat. Follow these simple but helpful tips to ensure you meet even beyond any employers standards.

Note the Company’s Requirements
Take note of what the company is asking specifically asking for in the job description. More often than not they will provide a clear overview of what they are looking for in the perfect candidate, listing a number of desired skills, qualities, and capabilities. Highlight in possibly even the first paragraph, how and why you satisfy the company’s requirements.
Tip: Try to speak the language used in the job description. This way, if the company is using a filtering software in the hiring process, the ‘power’ keywords are automatically picked up.

Research Into the Company
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Read interviews and profiles of various team members to get an idea of who already works there and where they’re from. Then explain why you are a perfect fit for the company, not only for your skills and capabilities but also for how the company likes to present itself. If the company brands itself as fun and innovative, you have to present yourself in a different way than if the company portrays itself as corporate and professional.

Fit your Skills and Abilities
Simply include skills and abilities on your resume that reflect the assets they are looking for in an employee. This is the time to really shine and stand out as their potential employee. Are they looking for a content creative? List some awesome skills you have developed in certain projects you took part in. Are they looking for a marketing specialist? Don’t hesitate to include your highest marketing achievements throughout your career.

Go Above and Beyond Your Resume
This is the perfect time to increase numbers are everything to employers because it shows off measurable achievements:
“As a social media manager with roughly 5 years experience creating content, promotions and setting up campaigns, I would be a great asset to your company because _________. Some of my most significant attributes throughout my journey at several companies include:
– 80% Increase of overall social media reach.
– 100% Increase of social media page likes.

Highlight ‘You’
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Last but not least, really highlight the ‘you’ in your cover letter. Get to the heart of it all by telling them why you want to work for them as well as why they should pick you. This is the perfect time to demonstrate your unique value proposition, meaning addressing why the role description, company culture as well as your own values and skills, fit their needs.

Putting some extra time into formatting your cover letter into one sleek page is definitely the way to go. Make sure to re-read your cover letter a few times before sending it through to avoid any horribly awkward mistakes such as stating the wrong company or wrong position.
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