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How to Stay Healthy at a Desk Job

When your job requires you to sit at a desk for most of the day, it can get difficult to stay healthy. Here are some tips for staying healthy in an office, physically and mentally!

1. Bring your lunch to work

This one will help you with your health and your budget. Buying lunch out means you will probably eat more than you would if you had packed food from your fridge, and most likely something less healthy. Prepare lunch for yourself the day before so you can’t impulsively decide to go out for something greasy with a co-worker.

2. Try light exercise or yoga in the morning

Everyone has that one friend who gets up at 5 am to go to the gym before work. For most people that is unrealistic, but there are some things you can do in the morning that improve your mood during the day and health in the long run. Stretching is extremely important for people in office jobs because your muscles can become very tight and stiff from sitting so much.

3. Take the stairs

Taking the stairs is one of the only times you can get genuine exercise at an office job, take advantage! It may seem insignificant to take the elevator every day, but your body moving that much more each day can make significant differences.

4. Bring a water bottle

Offices tend to be very dry, stay hydrated by bringing your own water into work. Drinking enough water is a large part of staying healthy, especially when your job doesn’t involve a lot of moving. Interesting Note: the mind sometimes mistakes thirst for hunger so you reach for food even when you don’t need it, don’t overeat by keeping water near you!

5. Eat breakfast

Studies have shown that eating breakfast leads to a more productive day. Giving yourself energy before you get to work will make the morning a little easier to get through. Eating at the beginning of the day will make it less likely that you reach for that unhealthy snack later in the afternoon.

6. Get enough sleep

Being sleep-deprived means that your decision making is impaired and your body wants to increase its energy in other ways. Often this means people overeat or drink too much caffeine when they are tired. Get a good amount of sleep so you can make better decisions regarding your health.

7. Buy a pedometer

This one is about having a better understanding of how much exercise you actually get during a day of work. Knowing that you don’t move as much as you thought you did will motivate you to move more when you can, in and out of the office.

8. Avoid the communal candy and sweets

There are always birthdays or holidays being celebrated in an office and these usually come with unhealthy food that gets passed around. Avoid the temptation by letting people know ahead of time you don’t want anything. This may feel silly, but all that sugar adds up!

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