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11 ‘Second Jobs’ That Can Add $18K To Your Income

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One in four Brits now have a second job to boost their income. Whether it’s to save for a property, make a dream job more realistic, or just to make ends meet, a side hustle is a great way to improve your lifestyle and even gain useful experience outside your usual work.

Luckily, there are plenty of options for people looking to make some more money on the side in Canada as well – some may actually make more per hour than standard day jobs.

We’ve put together some of the most lucrative options that give you the flexibility to fit your work around your primary job and social life. In some instances, you may need to work gigs rather than set hours with a particular employer but this gives you even more flexibility to decide your own hours and choose jobs that suit you best.

Average salaries are for part-time work in Canada, correct as of July 2018.

Become a Driver

Average salary: $38,643

Requirements: These differ according to the company, but for Uber you need:

  • Access to a car (which meets their requirements, such as being <5 years old)
  • A driving licence (the number of years held depends on where you are)
  • A Private Hire Vehicle licence (which you can get from the local council)
  • Suitable car insurance
  • A smart phone

Main benefit: extreme flexibility

Companies like Uber and Lyft make it easier than ever to become a driver in your free time, with great opportunities to earn more on evenings, weekends, around sporting events, and during holidays thanks to surge pricing. They do take a % service fee from everything that you earn, and you will also need to consider how much additional maintenance your car needs because of the extra miles, but it is a quick and easy way to get set up as a driver. Alternatively, some drivers hire a car and still make a profit on their monthly work.

Drop off Packages & Food Orders
delivery man boy bike coatAverage salary: $30,430

Requirements: Most employers will require:

  • A valid driving license (some employers ask for a totally clean license while others just want less than 6 points)
  • A clean criminal record
  • Some only take people who are at least 25 years old

Main benefit: immediate start and vehicle provided

If you’d rather drive packages than people, you can work as a courier for large companies like Amazon, or food services like Deliveroo. These positions often offer additional benefits, like repaying petrol money, discounts from selected partners, and you can choose your own hours. Most of these delivery driver positions also offer company vehicles, so you don’t need to have your own car to get started.

It’s important to be careful when choosing your options – parcels sent by courier can be up to 25kg so if you’re not physically fit and strong, it can be a difficult job. If you don’t want anything physically taxing and are comfortable on a scooter, food delivery may be a better option.

Start Pet Sitting

Average salary: $23,090

Requirements: depend on the family

Main benefit: very flexible and low-stress

Pet sitting is the perfect option for people who love animals – you get to relax, play with cats or dogs, and even get paid for it. Some animals are high maintenance and generally you will need to clean up after them and occasionally administer medicine, but on a day to day basis it’s quite a low-stress, high-reward job.

You can be self-employed, set up a doggy daycare on weekends, or you can get up and running using one of many pet-sitting platforms. That means the requirements depend largely on the end client rather than a single employer – some may prefer someone older, some may want someone who can be with their pet during the daytime, but everyone will want someone who is naturally caring and good with animals.

Start Cleaning

Average salary: $28,426

Requirements: no set requirements

Main benefit: easy to book repeat work

Cleaning businesses, homes, or more specialized areas can easily fit around your work – typically you can earn £8-£12 per hour as a domestic cleaner and you can book regular hours with the same people to ensure a steady stream of income. The structure and type of work depend on the type of cleaning you would like to do – some businesses will hire a cleaner directly part-time rather than going via an agency, and domestic cleaners can advertise on websites and work as freelancers. You can get paid per job or monthly, depending on the agreement, and structure both the work and the income around your needs.

Try Out House Sitting

Average salary: $38,055

Requirements: depend on the family

Main benefit: very low effort

If you have pet allergies or just don’t really want to clean, house sitting is a great option. You just need to check in one somebody’s home while they’re on holiday – the biggest tasks are often picking up the post or watering the plants, so it’s an extremely low-impact job that easily fits around other things. Most people prefer house-sitters to visit in the evening so somebody is there after dark, so it’s perfect for people who work 9-5.

Offer Baby Sitting Services
baby sitting babysitting book reading

Average salary: $36,062

Requirements: depend on the family

  • Experience working with or looking after children
  • Some families or agencies require a criminal record check

Main benefit: repeat work and good family relationships

If you like children, baby sitting is the perfect way to make some extra money. Families often like to use the same baby sitters over and over again, so it’s a good option if you want repeat work and a family atmosphere. If you branch out into being a nanny you can even get benefits like free accommodation, but these jobs typically require you to work every weekday.

Good baby sitters tend to build references so that they can book more work and you may want to go on some short courses in things like first aid to reassure parents and ensure that you get as many jobs as possible.

Become a Tutor

Average salary: $56,160


  • Strong subject knowledge, ideally supported by at least a BA degree
  • Good communication and teaching style
  • Good organisation

Main benefit: excellent hourly pay

Tutoring is one of the best-paying options here – you can make up to and over £50 per hour if you have the right qualifications and a good reputation. It’s important that you’re extremely organised, build rapport with both parents and students, and you should try to have a good grasp of the national curriculum. If you cover these requirements, you should be able to get word-of-mouth referrals rather than chasing each booking separately.

Tutoring is generally associated with academic subjects but you can also teach skills – if you’re a great cook or very computer-literate, you can pass on that knowledge as well. Adult tutors are in increasing demand, so think about what you have to offer and build on that expertise.

Become a Mystery Shopper
window shopping mystery shopperAverage salary: $26,391


  • Ability to get to particular shops within the required times
  • Good memory, to remember the details of your visit and report back

Main benefit: convenient to fit around other things and you get things for free

This is the ideal option if you want your job to offer you free stuff as well as an additional income. Mystery shopping typically pays a lot less per job than the other options here and can be far more sporadic, but the jobs don’t take an hour and you can incorporate it into your shopping or going out with friends. Jobs vary, but practically every type of shop uses mystery shoppers so you can get everything from fast food meals through to luxury goods if you claim the job on time.

Take More Pictures

Average salary: $36,243


  • Must know how to work a DSLR
  • Understanding of photoshop
  • You may need to learn lighting
  • Photography portfolio

Main benefit: you can monetise a hobby

If you enjoy photography or have a DSLR gathering dust, you could make considerably more money by putting it to use than selling it on eBay. There are a huge number of options for people who want to make money through photography; you can take a part-time job with a particular employer, set yourself up as a freelance photographer, or just sell your photographs online as stock photographs or as products. Working for an employer is the most stable way to earn extra money as a photographer and you won’t have to sell to clients or do your own taxes. However, some people enjoy the additional flexibility of freelance work or the freedom of stock photography.

When people think about monetising their photography, they usually think of portrait or wedding photography, but there are plenty of other options. Real estate photography, product photography, and commercial headshots are all stable sources of work and can be extremely lucrative if you have a good portfolio.

Do Seasonal Work

Average salary: $53,389

Requirements: depends on the job

Main benefit: huge variety of options

If only want to do a second job for a set period of time, it’s a good idea to pick up seasonal work. There are a huge number of these jobs available, from Amazon packers over Christmas through to lifeguards in the summer. You can work in a bar, operate CCTVs during sporting events, work as a sales assistant, or clean during business’ busy periods.

Unlike a lot of these jobs, seasonal work typically works on a traditional payroll system so you will generally get paid at monthly intervals – this can either be very helpful for people who are trying to save, or counterproductive if you need to make money quickly and see the results soon.

Become a Handymanhandyman woodwork shop measureAverage salary: $39,902

Requirements: most handyman positions don’t need specific qualifications but you will need a diverse range of DIY skills

Main benefit: satisfying work

Handymen are employed by a huge range of businesses, from schools and theatres through to manufacturers and construction companies. It’s a great option if you have a range of basic DIY skills such as carpentry, plumbing, electrics, and decorating – typically you’ll be asked to fix minor maintenance issues so that the business can avoid paying specialised contractors for relatively basic jobs. Fortunately, a lot of handyman jobs can fit around the standard 9-5 work day since businesses prefer to minimise disruption as much as possible.