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Top 10 Tips on Dressing For A Job Interview

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We definitely understand that job interviews can be stressful. For those who are still on their path to finding their dream job, nerve-wracking interviews are still very real. Having to show off all of your best qualities to a total stranger in a short space of time is never an easy task. On top of being able to talk the talk, you also need to walk the walk, or in other words, look the part! To make things a little bit easier, the recruitment experts at Adzuna have put together a guide on what to wear at your interview in order to give the best first impression possible.

Dress To Fit Company Culture

The first thing to consider when choosing your interview outfit is company culture. Start-up’s and companies in the creative industry are likely to have a much more relaxed dress code than a big corporate. Turn up in your finest suit and you’re likely to look overdressed and out of place. Similarly, showing up at the head office of an international finance firm in jeans – yes, even dark jeans – is not the greatest idea. You can get an idea of the company culture by looking at their social media pages or ‘About Us’ section on their website. Check out what other employees are wearing and replicate that!

Avoid Over Bearing Accessories

Avoid accessories that distract from your personality. You might think that the novelty tie you got on Father’s Day shows off your charisma and confidence, but you want your interviewer to remember you for what you said rather than for what you were wearing. For more formal settings, accessories such as cufflinks, earrings, and even socks should be subtle and follow a fairly neutral colour scheme.

To see all of our Top 10 Tips take a look at our guide below.

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