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30,500 Christmas jobs still unfilled as demand for seasonal staff soars

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With Christmas just around the corner, driving, health, retail and hospitality companies across the country are gearing up for the chaos ahead. Recent findings from Adzuna reveal that as many as 30,500 seasonal roles in Canada are still up for grabs.

While the festive period generally proves to be an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to earn some extra cash through temporary work, Adzuna’s data points out some interesting shifts taking place in the Canadian labor market. The top companies looking for extra help during the season are Uber (Eats), Vancouver Coastal Health, LaSenza and Bell in the sectors Driving and Hospitality tied in first place, Health in second place, Retail in third place and Sales in fourth place.

Uber landing as the top company in search of Santa’s little helpers, doesn’t come as a surprise as the festive season calls for more party destinations. The cold weather sneaking in on the provinces across the country call for more door-to-door deliveries as well as cozy warm dinners out in restaurants, bars, and cafes. As the winter has been rolling in, more people are unfortunately getting ill which ensures more needed help across all doctors offices and hospitals, hence why another large portion of the seasonal jobs are health-related vacancies, namely for the company Vancouver Coastal Health. LaSenza coming in third place in the retail sector is the outcome of more women and men purchasing lingerie related items during this season to spice things up. Lastly, Bell in the sales sector as more and more people have long distances families they will need to buy minutes to call during the season. 

Collectively, jobs in these sectors amount to almost 40% of all seasonal roles currently advertised on Adzuna. 

Not all jobs, however, find a place within these sectors. IT jobs are tied in fourth place with Sales jobs. How so do you ask? Due to the fast advances of the online world as well as digital machines taking a toll over many jobs across the country, more and more companies are looking for help to operate these machines and online services. Surprisingly enough, IT jobs in general amount to a total of 30,000 vacancies according to Adzuna’s database.

As previously mentioned within the hospitality sector, every year, bars and restaurants also require extra staff to facilitate the holiday madness. The biggest employers in the hospitality and catering category are Cara Operations, Fairmont and Gateway Casinos, and Entertainment. Despite being among the main holiday employers, on average, waiting staff working for these companies earn $16.00 per hour on average, which is the lowest seasonal salary. 

But not all Christmas jobs relate to shopping, hospitality, and catering. Adzuna reveals that during the festive season, healthcare jobs are also in high demand. Nurses working over the Christmas period can expect to make around $48 an hour.

Among the perhaps more unconventional yet still highly sought after vacancies, are pet groomers and house sitters. Those considering to dedicate some time to look after others’ four-legged friends can expect to make approximately $14-$18 an hour.

Andrew Hunter, Co-Founder of Adzuna, commented, “While the bulk of vacancies lie in retail, delivery, and hospitality industries, it’s fantastic to see many specialist and skilled industries are offering a real premium for employees over the festive break. Even those without medical degrees or doctorates from Le Cordon Bleu can seek out some fun ways to rake in cash over the festive break with whacky jobs such as ‘Head Elf’ and ‘Mince Pie Taster’.”

Currently Available Top 5 Christmas Jobs by Sector:

Top Sectors Season Average Hourly Pay
Driving $22/hour
Hospitality $16/hour
Health(care) $38/hour
Retail $20/hour
Sales $30/hour

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