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Stress-Free New Years Resolutions That Will Work: 2019 Edition

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New year, new me, and the stress of coming up with new year’s resolutions and actually sticking to them. While most of the resolutions we seem to come up with generally have something to do with eating healthy or exercising more, we often forget about keeping our mind healthy.

Below are some easy to stick to resolutions that will help adjust your mindset and kick off a stress-free 2019. You’ll see not only changes at home but at work as well! And who knows, they might even help you find that peace of mind to drop that extra pound or two.

Get Organized to Increase Productivity
While there are a few lucky people on this planet that are as neat as Monica from Friends, the majority of us are actually quite messy. Keeping visible areas like your bedroom or living room improve your focus. Try by starting out simple, namely, a place you spend most of your days: your workplace. Organizing even just your desktop, analog and digital, will increase your focus as well as productivity. Seems pretty logical right?

Cook More to Boost Your Creativitycook vegetables chef knife cutting board food
Before, during or after you’ve had your long hard day at work, try cooking something new that you will reward yourself with in the end. By trying out new things and breaking routine, you’ll get your creative juices flowing, which can be important to starting, continuing and ending your day stress-free.

Read More
Reading trains our minds and opens up creative processes that we normally don’t use especially if we’re not used to reading. Rather than looking at an electronic screen such as your smartphone 24/7, try reading a book in your favorite genre. Reading has been scientifically proven to relax you!

Get More Sleep
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According to Canadian Health Measures Survey almost a third of Canadians are not getting enough sleep at night. Many of us can’t seem to get to bed early enough before waking up more exhausted in the morning.
1. Stop hitting the snooze button. Falling in and out of sleep while hitting your snooze button a few times takes your brain and body by surprise, throwing off your biological clock, leaving you feeling groggy and tired. This is known as sleep inertia.
2. Put down your electronics 30 minutes before sleeping. Binge watching Netflix is definitely not the way to gain the right amount of R.E.M sleep you need to feel rested (unfortunately). Try reading a book before you doze off!

Give Your Mind A Break
Not being able to manage stress is the #1 cause of career burnouts. While sometimes it seems as if there is never any time to take a break, it is important to take even if just 10 minutes of your day, to focus on resting your mind with for instance meditation. Although many are convinced that meditation won’t work for them, it is scientifically proven to help people relax especially after all the chaos of the holidays.

Uphold Your Finances
We know, finance isn’t everyone’s forte, better yet, many people try to avoid having anything to do with their finances. By working and living by a budget however, it will increase financial stability, increasing stability in your work life and even private life, resulting in ‘stress-less’ living.

Give Back for the Greater Good
While we’re all stuck in our busy social and work lives, sometimes we forget to just do something for the greater good. Donate to for instance your local food shelter, cancer research centers or animal protection charities. It will not only enormously help the donation, but it will also make you feel like you are making a difference.

Although it may seem impossible to get all of these things inline, most of these resolutions influence each other, giving you the possibility of achieving multiple resolutions in 2019 than perhaps expected.

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