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5 ways to make a successful career change

If you’re thinking about switching career paths, our experts here at Adzuna HQ have some excellent advice on how to get the ball rolling. Don’t get bogged down. Thinking about your perfect career can be as daunting as the idea of finding your perfect partner, ‘the one’ that completes you, the ying to your yang. Continued »

2017 – The Year Of Your Future Career

Do you look forward to going back to work after the weekend and find yourself thinking about work in your free time? Doing a job you love doesn’t feel like work. If this is not you and you can’t wait for the clock to strike 6 pm so you can clock out and clock off, Continued »

5 Tips To Boost Your Christmas Job Search

Christmas can be a hard time to search for a new job as not many companies are hiring. Don’t get downbeat and depressed because you can’t find a new job. Instead, use this time as an opportunity to step back and reflect on what you want before a relaunch in the new year. Here are Continued »

Business Relationships: Why You Need Strong Ones!

It’s a dog eat dog world out there especially in the professional world where friendly colleagues could stab you in the back to get ahead. As often as this happens and as cutthroat as some people are, this is not the way to advance your career. In fact, exactly the opposite. Building a strong network Continued »

How To Overcome Your Job Search Anxiety

Unemployment at any stage of your career, whether a fresh graduate or an experienced veteran can be terrifying. From refining resumes, cultivating cover letters and searching never-ending job boards, embarking into the next stage of your this career will trigger some stress. Rather than getting paralysed by anxiety, double up on positive thinking and arm yourself Continued »

The Easy Way To Network for Networking-phobes

If you’re anything like me, networking is always the last thing on the list of things you want to do. The idea of going to an event and talking to a room full of strangers is my last idea of fun. Networking doesn’t have to be a chore. It is supposed to be an opportunity Continued »

5 Holiday Season tips for your Job Search

The holidays are coming and your neighbors have probably already covered their houses in flashing lights and inflatable Santas. Everywhere you look you see Christmas paraphernalia and work doesn’t feel like your first priority, let alone searching for a new job. But don’t be fooled by the festive period. It is not the time to Continued »

How to be More Confident Networking

Meeting strangers can be scary enough for even the most outgoing person. But meeting people at work functions and trying to network can be very daunting. How do you introduce yourself? How do you avoid the awkward silences? And how to make the best first impression you possibly can. No need to fear, we’re here Continued »