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Financial experts and accountants are skilled on the movement of capital, economic forecasts, and investment trends, and help individuals and companies manage their money. With so many prospective employers, from banks to insurance companies to investment firms, financial professionals are almost always in demand. Whether you choose an entry-level or more senior position, there is plenty of room for improvement in the field. Financial analysts, auditors, and controllers can soon rise to the rank of chief financial officer and even CEO. If you know how to balance the books, improve people's financial decisions, and keep a cool head under pressure, a job in accounting or finance is a good place to cash in.

Responsibilities & Skills

The responsibilities of accountants and financial professionals depend on one's area of expertise. However, many in these fields prepare financial statements, estimate the cost of projects, review and monitor budgets and investment spending, and design financial strategies. Research is key as clients expect you to know what's going on in the marketplace and how it will affect them. Clients who trust accountants or financial professionals with their money also demand the advice they receive be based on substantial evidence and come from someone who is an expert in the field.

Required Qualifications

  • University degree in an appropriate field such as business administration with a specialization in finance or accounting
  • Completion of a professional training program
  • Membership in or certification by an approved institute or association like the Institute of Chartered Accountants, General Accountants Association, or the Society of Management Accountants

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