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An accountant is a person that loves numbers and to play with money. An accountant is your best friend and your go-to person for the majority of your financial needs. Everyone needs an accountant to help them look at their finances, understand their finances and to help them use this knowledge to make smart business choices and investments.

An accountant wears many different hats in determining the best way to help you control your finances. An accountant takes a critical look at your finances and offers you financial consultant and guidance as to how you can use your money to your advantage. An accountant analyses all of your accounting information and prepares reports so that you can better understand your profits, losses, assets and liabilities. Once an accountant has a through understanding of your financial standing, he/she can then help you make the proper investments, pay your taxes and answer an number of your financial needs. Accountants also help people with theie spending and budgeting.

Responsibilities & Skills

The main responsibility of an accountant is to research and analyse a person's or a businesses financial situation. Once this is done, an accountant is then charged with the duty of giving meaningful and helpful guidance to his or her clients regarding their financial situation. An accountant's daily work involves preparing reports, assessing assets and liability, filing taxes, analysing profits and losses, and giving advise on how to properly invest money.

- researching and analysing a client's financial situation
- preparing financial reports
- determining profits, losses, liabilities, assets, budgets, bookkeeping and financial solutions for your business.
- recommending financial actions and financial guidance to clients
- filing taxes

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree
  • Completion of the CGA Program of Professional Studies

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