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Project managers are responsible for ensuring projects run smoothly due to good planning, time management, and risk assessment. Breaking down projects into manageable stages, project managers work with a team to see ventures through from initial planning to completion. Though project managers are typically employed in a business, construction, or manufacturing capacity, they can be found in many different industries as project management becomes a vital force for innovation and organizational behaviour.

Some typical tasks of a project manager include identifying project goals through close communication with the company or client, setting and keeping to budgets and deadlines, breaking down projects into manageable stages, organizing and managing resources, supervising employees and teams, delegating tasks, and communicating progress to the client. Overall, project managers must take responsibility for the monitoring, managing, cost, and risk analysis of each project stage.

Responsibilities & Skills

A project manager holds a lot of responsibility as the leader of a team of employees, as well as the leader of a particular project. The role requires excellent organizational, leadership, and communication skills. Project managers need to ask the client or company prying questions in order to identify underlying assumptions and clashes, ensure all parties have the same project objectives, and to anticipate and minimize risk so few problems arise during the project.

- Excellent organizational and time-management skills to manage different people, projects, and stages
- Ability to anticipate and solve problems and minimize risk
- Strong leadership and management skills
- Good communication skills

Required Qualifications

  • A university degree or college diploma in a related field (i.e. construction, or business administration) is usually required
  • Several years of experience in the industry

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