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546 Creative & Design Jobs in Canada

The creative industries contribute more than 1 million jobs to the Canadian economy. Actors, writers, visual and performing artists, publishers, broadcasters, advertisers, fashion, graphic, and industrial designers, music and video producers, and those working at cultural institutions are all a part of this field. With jobs in small agencies and big businesses, Canada has a market for those who love to create, curate, design, make, perform, and sell. While a formal education in visual arts or a similar creative field may give you a leg up, the creative industries are one place where true talent and a distinct point of view can propel you ahead of the competition.

Responsibilities & Skills

Because there are numerous jobs in the creative industries, the responsibilities and required skills are incredibly varied. While a fashion designer needs strong sewing and sketching abilities, a photographer requires solid technical skills in composition and lighting. In general, however, those working in Canada's creative industries should be imaginative and able to think outside the box. Talent and a creative voice will help you succeed in whichever creative field you choose.

Required Qualifications

  • A college diploma or bachelor's degree in an appropriate field of study
  • In some areas, talent and experience are more important than formal training

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