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An au pair is a person from a foreign country that lives with a host family and takes care of their children as well as some of the family's household duties. The term au pair originated in Europe and although Canadians know it, it is seldom used. More often in Canada, au pair's are referred to as live-in caretakers. An au pair or live-in caretaker is generally someone in their twenties that has a minimum of six months of training working with children. Some au pair's work full-time for a family while other au pair's only work part-time for a family and attend school. As well as their room and board, au pairs receive a stipend from their host family.

Au pairs or live-in caretakers take care of all of the daily needs of the children within a family. They may also do some basic house cleaning however, they usually only do house cleaning that pertains to the children of the family. For example, they may help with the children's laundry, with the tidying of their rooms and with the cleaning of the general spaces in the house in which the children of the family play.

Responsibilities & Skills

An au pair or live-in caretaker is responsible for the care of a family's children as well as some of the basic household cleaning duties. A typical day for an au pair can involve feeding, changing, bathing, helping the children with their homework, cooking meals, taking the children to the park to play and entertaining the children. An au pair may also have to do some laundry, tidy up the kitchen after they have prepared a meal, and even cleaning up the play area used by the children.

- Be a trustworthy and patient person
- Have a passion for working with children
- Be creative and fun

Required Qualifications

  • A minimum of six months training with children
  • Certified to handle any first aid that a child may need

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