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A cleaner is someone that cleans for a living. A cleaner could work for a private residence, a hotel, an apartment building, an office building or anywhere else where they might need a helping hand with their daily chores. For the most part, cleaners are women however there are some men that work as cleaners as well. Women in particular like this job because it can have flexible hours and sometimes only requires part-time responsibilities. Some cleaners are self-employed while other cleaners work for larger cleaning companies that assign them work. Most cleaners are considered light duty cleaners however there are also specialized cleaners such as upholstery cleaners or window cleaners.

Interestingly enough, the term cleaner is also used in Mafia films to refer to someone hired by the mafia to clean up a crime scene and remove all evidence before the police arrive on the scene.

Responsibilities & Skills

A cleaner's duties vary depending on the place of their employment. A cleaner's day could involve many different tasks some of which might include making beds, ironing clothes, doing laundry, cleaning windows, dusting, sweeping, mopping, polishing surfaces. Most of the work done by a cleaner is relatively lightweight and heavy lifting should not be required.

- Organizational skills
- Able to work independently
- Task oriented
- Honest
- Punctual and dependable

Required Qualifications

  • Some employers look for cleaners that have a high school diploma
  • Bilingualism is also sometimes required
  • References are an asset

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