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Doctors or physicians are some of the most important members in a community. With the ability to diagnose and treat diseases, disorders and injuries, they are crucial to ensuring a strong, healthy, and functioning population. Whether a new resident or established physician, doctors work closely with patients and other medical professionals and complete a wide variety of tasks depending on their area of expertise.

Though about a third of physicians are general practitioners who provide primary and continuing medical care and treat an assortment of common health problems, the rest are specialists like surgeons, internists, psychiatrists, gynaecologists, and paediatricians. These doctors can work in many facilities including private or group practices, hospitals, and specialist clinics. In addition to treating patients, physicians also work to promote good health and often supervise other healthcare workers like nurses and technicians.

Responsibilities & Skills

Depending on the medical specialty, a doctor can hold many responsibilities, from delivering babies to performing complicated surgery. In general, doctors must respond to health problems, investigate patient and family history, diagnose, treat and refer patients as needed, maintain confidentiality, keep records, promote health education, stay up to date with medical developments including new drugs and treatments, and work with other medical professionals and pharmaceutical sales representatives.
- Ability to listen to patient concerns and complaints
- Careful attention to detail
- High energy to handle long hours
- Ability to work in a team setting with other medical professionals

Required Qualifications

  • A provincial or territorial licence to practice medicine
  • Doctoral degree in medicine from an approved medical school plus experience
  • Completion of examinations of the Medical Council of Canada

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