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Kamloops is a city that is located in southern central British Columbia and, because it is located just on the east side of the Intercoastal Mountains, it is a very dry place and sometimes it feels quite desert-like. Its landscape is very dramatic with the city being surrounded by steep hillsides and with it being at the junction of two rivers, The Thompson River and Kamloops Lake.

Many of Kamloops 85,000 residents are employed by resource processing companies such as timber or pulp and paper mills. Many other people also work for the Royal Inland Hospital or the Thompson Rivers University.

Both culture and sports are loved in Kamloops. There are many art galleries in Kamloops as well as the Kamloops Symphoney Orchestra and the Western Canada Theatre. Hockey is definitely the most popular sport in Kamloops and it is a city that has produced a lot of famous NHL hockey players such as Mark Recchi, Steve Marr and Mitch Berger.

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