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The legal profession is much more than a fancy suit yelling "Objection!" from time to time. It includes many different positions, from clerks to lawyers and judges, and though it can be a challenging area, law can also be very rewarding. Individuals in this field are usually experts in a particular stream of law, like corporate, taxation, intellectual property, constitutional, criminal, family, labour, international, or environmental law. While the various specializations and positions mean no two jobs are exactly the same, overall, the legal profession requires an analytical mind, a thorough understanding of law, and exceptional communication and critical thinking skills.

Responsibilities & Skills

Each legal profession has distinct responsibilities. While judges preside over cases, lawyers advise clients on their rights and other legal matters, research cases and gather evidence, draw up legal documents, negotiate settlements, conduct prosecutions, represent clients in courts of law, and plead cases. Law clerks support a judge, and that can include reviewing motions sent to the court by lawyers, conducting research, and writing and revising draft opinions. If you're trained in law, this can be an incredibly lucrative industry to join.

Required Qualifications

  • Lawyers require a law degree from a recognized law school, successful completion of the bar examination, completion of a period of articling and a license by the appropriate provincial or territorial law society
  • Law clerks need a degree from a recognized law school or a college diploma in a law clerk program, along with in-house training from a legal establishment

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