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Law can be a challenging profession that forces you to come face-to-face with the good, the bad, and the ugly. Yet many lawyers say there's never a dull moment. Working for businesses, law firms, and federal, provincial and municipal governments, lawyers advise clients on legal matters, prepare legal documents, present cases in courts of law, and perform many other important tasks. They also yell "Objection!" from time to time.

As a lawyer, you'll likely specialize in a particular stream, like corporate or commercial law, taxation law, intellectual property law, constitutional law, criminal law, family law, civil litigates, labour or employment law, international law, or environmental law. Each stream carries distinct responsibilities that require working long hours, including on nights and weekends. Travel is also common for lawyers to visit clients, attend depositions, hearings, trials and meetings, all of which require formal attire to command respect and convey confidence. A dedication to your job is necessary in the field of law, as are great communication skills to present cases and sway judges and juries.

Responsibilities & Skills

Lawyers have many responsibilities which include advising clients on their rights and other legal matters, researching cases and gathering evidence, drawing up legal documents, negotiating settlements, conducting prosecutions, representing clients in courts of law, and pleading cases. The profession requires an analytical mind, a thorough understanding of law, and exceptional communication and critical thinking skills.
- Thorough understanding of your particular area of law
- Exceptional communicator with strong written and oral skills to prepare and present cases
- Professional manner with a dedication to withstand long hours on the job
- Logical reasoning and a talent for critical thinking

Required Qualifications

  • A law degree from a recognized law school
  • Successful completion of the bar examination
  • Completion of a period of articling
  • Must be licensed by the appropriate provincial or territorial law society

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