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Logistics refers to the flow of goods, materials, and resources from the point of origin to the point of destination in order to meet the needs of customers. Logistics and warehouse jobs cover numerous titles in a variety of sectors, including transportation, security, manufacturing, and information management. Air traffic controllers, distribution managers, and forklift operators are all examples of logistics and warehouse titles, and each has a very different job description. Though both the positions and sectors for logistics and warehouse workers can be varied, most often careers in this field require individuals to have a sharp eye and the ability to work well in a team to perform tasks.

Responsibilities & Skills

Individuals working in logistics and warehouse jobs are responsible for several different tasks depending on the place of employment. However, coordination is always important when moving or directing goods and resources, especially when using heavy equipment. For example, forklift operators must be able to concentrate on other workers and machinery in the vicinity while simultaneously operating the forklift. Workers in this field must also have good teamwork and communication skills, and the ability to follow the appropriate health and safety measures.

Required Qualifications

  • No formal training required for basic logistics jobs
  • Proper safety training is needed for the operation of certain equipment

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