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Facilities managers are often overlooked but the job they do is an important one! Facilities managers work in a wide range of settings and their job is to ensure that buildings operate efficiently in every sense of the word. Facilities managers coordinate the maintenance, care, upgrading, and repair of buildings. This includes utilities and communications infrastructure, exteriors, and interiors of buildings. Facilities managers focus on ensuring that the building provides the best possible working environment for the employees working there. They actively coordinate the space available to meet business needs. They review systems and business practices regularly to help keep operating costs in line.

Facilities managers work very closely with many different professionals. They liaise regularly with maintenance crews, catering companies, security professionals, health and safety professionals, and utilities crews. Some facilities managers are hired directly by companies that own the buildings they operate from. Many are hired by property management companies or contract themselves out as consultants.

Responsibilities & Skills

The skills that help facilities managers to be successful are:
- ability to successfully coordinate and manage a wide range of contractors and projects at one time;
- ability to plan, direct, coordinate, and monitor essential services;
- excellent verbal and written communication skills;
- ability to establish and maintain excellent relationships with contractors; and
- ability to maximize the value obtained from use of space, goods, and services.

Required Qualifications

  • Certificate in Facility Management

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