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Nanaimo is a port city that is situated on the eastern coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Nanaimo is the location of the main ferry terminal from Vancouver and mainland Canada and as such it is a great jumping-off point for anyone wishing to explore all of the amazing little towns and beaches located on Vancouver Island.

The economy in Nanaimo is very much centered on its service and tourism industry. There is also a very large pulp mill in Nanaimo (the MacMillan Bloedel pulp mill) that employs many of Nanaimo's 85,000 residents.

The Nanaimo Art Gallery and the Port Theater are both excellent places to visit in Nanaimo that showcase local artistic talent and performances. Nanaimo is also home to Vancouver Island University and as such, it has many bars and restaurants that cater to its student population. The Nanaimo Summertime Blues Festival is a fantastic outdoor music festival that happens in Nanaimo annually and it is one of the cities busiest events.

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