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Nova Scotia

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Nova Scotia is the second smallest province in Canada and it is one of Canada's three Maritime Provinces. It has a population of close to 1 million people and, because of its small size, it is Canada's most densely populated province.

Many of the people living in Nova Scotia used to be employed by resource-based companies such as in fisheries, mines and pulp and paper mills. Much has since changed however and now, the defense and aerospace industry, the film industry, and the tourism industry are the leading economic sectors in Nova Scotia. Exportation is also very big in Nova Scotia and it has grown to be the world's largest exporter of Christmas trees, lobster and wild berries. Over 500 Information and Technology companies also employ many people in Nova Scotia.

Halifax, the main urban center and capital of Nova Scotia, is a hot bed of culture and the arts. Many famous Canadian musicians, singer/songwriters and painters were raised in Nova Scotia including Anne Murray, Sarah McLachlan, Feist, The Rankin Family, and Buck 65. Some of Nova Scotia's most notable attractions include Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Two Planks and a Passion Theatre, and Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame.

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