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31 Part time Jobs in Canada

Part-time employment has been on the rise over the last several decades and today, nearly 12 per cent of Canadians hold a part-time job. While many positions are taken by youth and young adults, there are people of all ages who work part-time hours. A part-time employee is an individual whose assigned work hours are less than the normally scheduled hours of a full-time employee. Usually full-time is considered to be 40 hours per week or more, and though part-time hours can vary, the average part-time job offers around 20 hours a week. While many industries choose to use part-time positions, the food and beverage and retail industries are most common.

Responsibilities & Skills

The responsibilities of part-time workers vary greatly depending on the industry, position, and seniority. Generally, part-time workers should have a flexible schedule so they are able to work a variety of shifts that may be offered. If a part-time worker is looking to move up to full-time hours, a strong work ethic will help make a good impression on an employer.

Required Qualifications

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