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A SEO professional, or Search Engine Optimization, is focused on ensuring that a sites' ranking in search engines is the best possible one. SEOs use a variety of techniques to do this, and they can be separated into two categories: on and off-page. On-page SEO focuses on the technical features of a site, and making sure that a site is well prepared for a search engines' crawlers. They also focus on the content of the page, and checking that all the keywords are places in the right places, so that the search engine can better understand the context of a single site, and understand it the way the site owners' would prefer. Off-page SEO focuses on helping the site grow in rankings through having a good link and social footprint. By getting links from other sites, an SEO marketer can show to the search engines that there are many people around the internet interested in the information, or commending the site for its quality. Because of the outsized positions by some companies within the market, with Google controlling over 75% of search engine traffic, most SEOs tend to focus on Google only, or at least on Google-first.

Responsibilities & Skills

- Experience in web design and creating sites.
- An understanding of human psychology.
- Enough technical knowledge to run Unix tools.

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