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38 SEO Manager jobs in Canada

An SEO manager is a specialized marketing manager in charge of search engine optimization, meaning he or she improves the features of a website so search engines will find it. Taking advantage of keywords, search engine optimization is the method of ensuring a web page tops the list of sites that come up when users perform a web search using search engines like Google or Yahoo!.

In order to maximize profit potential, targeted traffic is important. Businesses don't just want traffic, they want interested visitors who will buy the companies' products or services and feed into advertising. As experts in online sales, marketing, and internet presence, SEO managers coordinate website content, use strategic planning, and work with clients and other web professionals to ensure a site is effective, searchable, and set up to make money. As an integral part of website development, SEO managers are increasing in demand as more and more businesses turn to the online market.

Responsibilities & Skills

Search engine optimization managers have numerous responsibilities. They review website structure and organization, evaluate content management systems, determine the important parts of a site, make recommendations about source codes, file names, keywords, and descriptions, conduct keyword, ranking and indexing analyses, develop link building strategies to enhance and promote the site, monitor the site for performance, and perform several other tasks.
- Computer-savvy
- Strong communication skills, particularly in writing
- Experience in project management
- Ability to multi-task and work well others

Required Qualifications

  • A bachelor's degree or college diploma in a related field, such as marketing, business, or computer science, may be needed
  • Knowledge of internet marketing and search engine optimization, as well as computer coding languages like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS
  • Previous experience in sales or marketing may be required

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