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Saint John is the second biggest city in the Maritime Provinces and it is situated on the banks of the beautiful Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick. The Saint John's River actually flows right into the city and there is a small gorge in downtown Saint John's that marks where the Saint John River actually flows into the Bay of Fundy. It is an absolutely stunning gorge set against a backdrop of rolling hills that surround the city itself.

Saint John is a very quaint and pretty city on the water. There are many historic buildings throughout the city and there is also a very angelic, Gothic style cathedral here called the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. The City Market in Saint John is also a great place to visit and it is actually the oldest city market in all of North America.

Shipbuilding was the primary industry in Saint John up until the 21st century. Tourism, small businesses, research and the technology industry are all growing industries in Saint John. Over 1.5 million people visit Saint John yearly by cruise ship while the University of New Brunswick is a growing center for research and development.

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