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Salespersons provide goods or services to customers, help develop and deliver sales strategies, tactics, plans, and profit targets, and play a vital role in the success of a company or business. While sales positions can include sales associates, managers, directors, and more, each requires a dedication to the job and strong customer service skills. A sales agent must also draw on marketing and promotional strategies to help sell products or services. This is an especially important part of the job as many salespersons, including insurance and automotive salespeople, work on commission or receive a sales bonus with their pay packet.

Responsibilities & Skills

The responsibilities of sales positions are varied depending on the area of employment and rank of position. While sales directors use strategic planning, personnel management, and account management to create both short and long-term, online and offline sales plans, sales associates work primarily with customers ensuring they find the product or service best suited to their needs. Strong customer service and communication skills are important in sales. A talent for networking is also beneficial.

Required Qualifications

  • A university degree or college diploma in business or in a related field with a specialization in sales may be required of sales managers and directors

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