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Biologists, physicists, laboratory technicians, and quality managers are all a part of this area of scientific and quality assurance jobs. While quality assurance analysts are employed in the quality departments of companies and organizations and ensure their employers provide products or services that are both consistent and fit for purpose, scientific jobs have much more varied duties. Those employed in scientific fields can study new bacteria, research wind patterns, or examine particles. Generally, however, they work to explore and examine the different parts of our physical world to better understand how they function.

Responsibilities & Skills

The responsibilities of those in scientific and quality assurance fields are incredibly varied. Quality assurance workers are involved in various processes, including planning, design, development, production, and service, and work to certify that a product or service meets external and internal requirements and abides by legal regulations and customer expectations. Scientific positions have very different responsibilities. Overall, individuals in these fields should have careful attention to detail and an appreciation for health and safety regulations.

Required Qualifications

  • Scientific jobs may require a bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree in a science discipline (i.e. metallurgy, physics, chemistry)

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