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A social worker helps people to develop skills and access the resources they need to enhance their levels of function across various aspects of their lives. Social workers operate in a wide variety of working conditions. They may work out of offices that clients visit or they may see clients in their homes, schools, hospitals, or at their workplace. The life of a social worker involves face to face interaction with clients and paperwork. A lot of paperwork! Social workers must document interactions related to their clients and are also required to draft case studies, plans, and write reports. Social workers need to have great people skills so that they can engage their clients in the process and successfully co ordinate services within the community.

Being a social worker is a fast paced job that requires empathy, maturity, and a passion for helping marginalized or vulnerable members of the community. Although many people assume women may be best suited for this type of career, men make great social workers, too. Just ask Samuel L. Jackson! He was a social worker for 2 years before hitting Hollywood.

Responsibilities & Skills

The main responsibilities of a social worker are to help people adjust to and overcome problems that are negatively affecting their lives. Social workers are employed by a wide range of organizations such as various levels of government, hospitals, medical clinics, prisons, nursing homes, schools, courts, and private businesses, just to name a few. Social workers successfully impact the lives of their clients by:
- regularly and accurately assessing their client's needs and developing appropriate strategies to address the identified needs;
- providing counseling and coordinating appropriate professional and community services; and
- coordinating interactions between any involved civic, government, and religious organizations.

Required Qualifications

  • Diploma, bachelor's degree or master's degree in Social Work
  • Clean criminal record check and valid driver's license

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